About Elisabeth

“Creativity takes courage”  Henri Matisse

A World of Influence

Born in Germany. Apprenticeship as goldsmith with certificate. Attended the School of Design Basel, Switzerland and studied as part of an exchange program with a Scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Italy. Internships in Finland (near Helsinki) and France (Paris). Traveled through Europe, North America and North Africa. Graduated from the Academy of Art and Design Berlin (KHB), Germany with a M.A. in Fine Arts and Design.

Lives in Canada since 2007.

She is member of ARTEAST and OAA (Ottawa Art Association). She was part of the Orleans Art Studio Tour (OAST) in 2017 and 2018.

Influencé par le monde

Elisabeth est née en Allemagne. Elle étudie à l’École de design à Bâle (Suisse) et reçoit une bourse pour étudier à l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bologne (Italie) dans le cadre d’un programme d’échange. Elle travaille comme stagiaire en Finlande et en France. Elle est diplômée de l’Académie d’art et de design à Berlin en Allemagne (KHB) avec une maîtrise en design — Textiles et Création de surface. Elle détient un certificat d’apprentissage en orfèvrerie.

Elisabeth a beaucoup voyagé en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et en Afrique du Nord et s’est installée au Canada en 2007. Elle vit maintenant à Ottawa.

Elle est membre de ARTEAST et de OAA (Ottawa Art Association). Elle faisait partie d’Ateliers d’art d’Orléans (OAST) en 2017 et 2018.


Elisabeth combines acrylics with crayons and pencils for abstract or landscape-inspired art. She likes acrylics as it facilitates the painting of successive layers in order to create both transparency and translucent density.

She loves creating one-of-a-kind fabric toys and jewellery.  Her jewellery creations are inspired by various objects such as seed pods of interesting shape, and gemstones. Fabrics and colors are another source of inspiration.

Elisabeth has traveled extensively through Europe, North America and North Africa and moved to Canada in 2007. She now lives in Ottawa.

She is a member of ARTEAST, of OAA (Ottawa Art Association), and will participate 2017 in the Orleans Art Studio Tour (OAST).

The Fabric of Life

I have always been passionate about  fabrics and textiles. Bringing animals to life with unique and fun designs can only make you smile.


Orleans, Ontario