fine art

I am a freelance artist who specializes in fine art such as acrylic painting and one-of-a-kind jewelry making.

All my creations are inspired by nature.

I love painting in acrylic on wooden board or gallery-sized canvas. I create my acrylic paint from loose pigments and fluid medium which results in a textured surface.

All my jewelry pieces are handmade from scratch in sterling silver, often combined with gemstones and pearls in different shapes and colours, fine metals, and found objects.
I am putting my experience and creativity in every piece of my art.


Necklace Women
Earrings Amethyst Agate

What’s new?

Painted on wooden cradle board, perfect as gifts, these original paintings are ready to hang and can also sit on a table or shelf.

“Surprise” is part of the Mushrooms in the Woods series. Have a look here for more details.

Fluffy Chipmunk

“Fluffy Chipmunk” is part of a series with various woodland creatures. Painted on wooden canvas. For more details click here.

“Beau” is a hummingbird painting on wooden canvas. He is part of My Summer Friends series. Find more details here.

Have a look behind the scenes!

See various stages of this large painting on canvas.

Where you can find my art

Nature In Colours


Electric Street Gallery
299 Crichton, Ottawa
Several of my paintings are available for purchase directly in the gallery.

35 George Steet, Ottawa
Small paintings and jewelry


Kunstscheune Barnstorf
Barnstorf 1, Hufe IVĀ 
18347 Ostseebad Wustrow

Artothek der Stadtbibliothek Weil am Rhein
Stadtbibliothek Weil am Rhein
Humboldtstr. 1
79576 Weil am Rhein