Elisabeth has been an artist her whole life. She loves painting and making jewelry.

When the time allows, she also likes to sew toys and accessories from unique fabrics.

All her creations are inspired by nature. From bugs and birds, to seed pods and the shapes of leaves, Elisabeth finds inspiration everywhere she goes.

“Creativity takes courage”

– Henri Matisse

Based in Ottawa, Elisabeth Baechlin is an artist who specializes in fine arts including acrylic painting and one-of-a-kind jewelry making. She is a certified goldsmith and a graduate from the Academy of Art and Design Berlin (KHB), Germany, with a M.A. in Fine Arts and Design.

Elisabeth creates her acrylic paintings from loose pigments and fluid mediums, resulting in textured surfaces. A great deal of her recent work is painted on wooden canvas.

Her jewelry pieces are handmade from scratch using sterling silver and are often combined with gemstones and pearls of different shapes, colours, metals, and unique, collected objects.

All her creations are inspired by nature.
Her latest paintings are mostly of animals that she encounters on her trail runs in local forests.

Elisabeth’s paintings and jewelry can be found in private collections as well as in galleries throughout Canada and Germany.

Drawing At Work Bench